Hegg Tech

Connect & Engage

At the center of our initiative to provide our clients with the best experience and as part of our platform for success, we leverage state of the industry technology and softwares to keep all parties connected and engaged. 


  • Ensures we engage & deploy the right team for your project
  • Cost Savings, Finds the best value
  • Reduces upfront risk by prequalifying subcontractors
  • Increases transparency & ease of communication

Construction Management

  • boosts collaboration and transparency, the hallmark of our operating style
  • Stakeholders have access to information, keeps them informed and engaged
  • Efficiency on project team getting up to speed and started
  • Drastically increases project efficiency and accountability
  • Streamlines and mobilizes project communication and documentation

Virtual Design & Construction

Initiative in VDC

  • Available to any size project
  • Collaboration with stakeholders in a real time, 3D visual environment
  • Assists project team in quickly evaluating programs
  • Helps to accurately assess “what-if” scenarios

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